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Democratise healthcare!

No matter where we are born or what difficulties we face in life, our health will always be our greatest treasure, which we can protect more easily and efficiently with the help of technological progress. And this opportunity should be available for everyone!

Our mission is social responsibility

Life is a lottery. And our health lottery ticket is determined by the circumstances we are born into. In small villages and poor communities, it is harder to access health care. In underdeveloped regions or as part of a vulnerable group, people are often born with a much lower life expectancy. The greatest promise of digital health is the chance to live longer and healthier lives. With fewer and fewer doctors to meet higher demands, it is increasingly important to use digital technologies to provide quality healthcare to more people.

"It also means we want to democratise healthcare, which doesn't mean that the wealthy and the less fortunate have access to healthcare for the same price, but that everyone can access it regardless of their income. The essence of democratic healthcare is that no parameter affects your right to healthcare, the colour of your skin or whether you were born rich, or poor plays no role, and especially not whether you live in a small village or a big city." István Fazekas - Managing Director, AIP Hungary

Increasing access can democratise health care, but it will take time and cooperation to make it happen. Join the coalition!

Our partners

Digital dermatology in deprived regions.


Potentials of teledermatology in the care of homeless people.


Helping people with psychosomatic physical symptoms due to stress.



I am joining as a social partner!

We provide free dermatological examinations for NGOs, social institutions, and social causes. Our company supports the treatment of thousands of people every year, providing its digital infrastructure and medical capacity free of charge. We are open to tender partnerships and civil concessions as well.

I'm joining as a supporter!

Access to healthcare is an important value. If you agree, support us directly financially so we can do even more for a healthy society. Join us as a supporter and donate tests to our partners so that more people can be cured free of charge, without limits! Let's democratise healthcare together!

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